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Evidence-Based research on interview skills:

  • A pilot study evaluated a new program to help young adults with ASD with interview skills. In Tallahassee, Florida, 28 young people were randomly assigned to either the program or a waiting list. Program participants attended a 90 minute group meeting once a week for twelve weeks. The Interview Skills Curriculum (ISC) was used; meeting topics included hygiene, non-verbal communication, small talk, emotional regulation strategies, closing an interview, and interview follow-up. Games, role play, and video feedback were used. Program leaders had several years of experience working with adults and adolescents with ASD.

    Before the start of the study and after the program ended, both group members and those on the wait list participated in a mock job interview that was video-taped. Researchers blinded to participant status scored interview performance using the Social Pragmatic Scale (SPS). Group members made significant gains on the SPS while those on the wait list did not.

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